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The One2One Project

One2One connects Israeli teens with Jewish teens from around the globe, improving English language skills through genuine connection and conversation with one another.


By registering you are agreeing to the Terms of Service
and the Personal Conduct Policy

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If you are an educator/organizer and interested in registering your students, please contact:

How it Works

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1. Register

Quick & easy online registration

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2. Connect

Get paired automatically with another Jewish teen

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3. Talk

Enjoy five 30-minute conversations

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  • What exactly is the One2One Project?
    One2One is an opportunity for a select group of teens in Israel and around the world to connect with one another and have a series of real conversations about interesting topics. The program is once a week for 5 weeks. Each session is a 30-minute video call between the two teens. All content related to these sessions is provided and coordinated with participating schools, teachers and organizations.
  • How do I register for the program?
    Registration is easy! Just click the "Register Now" button on this page and complete the form. If you are an educator/organizer and interested in registering your students, please contact:
  • Can I use any email address to sign up?
    Yes. Make sure to keep an eye on your email because this is where we will send you all the follow up information about the program, including the preparation study material, discussion questions and Zoom links to use for your call.
  • What is my time commitment for the One2One Project?
    The One2One Project requires that you participate in five 30-minute video calls with another teen. These sessions are held once a week for 5 weeks. You'll also be asked to spend a little time reviewing the related content that we send before each session.
  • Do I need to attend all 5 sessions?
    Yes! We expect that all participants will participate in all 5 video call sessions.
  • What are the dates and times for the 5 sessions?
    One2One meetings usually occur on Sundays at 7 PM Israel time/12 PM EST, or 8 PM Israel time/1 PM EST, depending on the preferences you choose during registration. Please contact your administrator or for the dates of the sessions that you are registering for.
  • What should we talk about?
    Get to know each other! Recommended topics include family, school, community, hobbies, holidays, and special Israel and Jewish experiences. We have also prepared materials for you to explore together. The content includes different options that you can choose from according to your hobbies and interests. Please note: all participants must keep to our code of conduct.
  • What happens after registering?
    Before the first session, you will receive an email introducing you to your match. The email will include suggested content for the meetings, as well as a Zoom link for the conversation. The Zoom link will stay the same for all of the meetings. When connecting to the meeting, make sure your camera and sound are active. If your partner is delayed, please wait a minimum of 15 minutes before leaving the Zoom meeting. If this happens, please contact your teacher or click “Contact Us” at the top of this page. If you cannot connect to one of the meetings, make sure to tell your partner in advance and plan to join the make-up session we are offering.


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